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Top 10 Reasons to Have an App

vectorstock_15153541. People spend much more time in apps than on websites. Convenience. Your business information is available whenever and wherever they are, and they are not tied to their computer. Mobile apps make your content more accessible and engaging, and it increases “business and sales.”
vectorstock_2147632 2. Mobile device use exceeds TV and Computer use 5 to 1. No longer do consumers have to wait to get back to their computers to send an email or search for something. Apps make it that much more convenient – no searching needed since the info is right on the phone, according to the Nielson report.
vectorstock_1523244 3. Mobile Email is 50%+ of the Email Traffic and growing.  Today people use computers for business, while phones and tablets are used for calling, shopping and doing every day things. Picture this: You are thinking of going to your favorite nightclub or restaurant and you want to make a reservation instead of searching – the app is easily accessible and the consumer can now make a reservation right from their phone.
vectorstock_9383354. Effective Marketing iTunes and Google Play app stores allows you to reach millions of people and your current customers with ease. When they search for information related to your area of expertise you want them to find you! An app differentiates you from your competition. Having an app builds your brand and makes you stand out from your competition, which is necessary for effective marketing.
vectorstock_17555095. Geo Targeted Push Notifications and Geo-Fencing. These features gives you the ability to send out messages directly to your customers smartphones. Send out a message about an event, band, entertainments, specials, coupons and more.
vectorstock_9337536. Credibility Having a business card, flyer and a website used to all be credibility boosters. In today’s world things change so fast that people want information they get it digitally rather than in print. People assume the latest information is the best and most relevant and if you have an app people assume that your information and services are on the leading edge.
vectorstock_1789197. The Cool Factor Just like the early days of websites, when it was cool to have a website, it is really cool to have an app. When apps are like websites they will still be relevant and cool. Apps for business is a growing trend – Get an app and get in on being “COOL”
vectorstock_9383858. More About Convenience An app allows you to put in one easily accessible place all of the different facets of your business, that are currently scattered- your Facebook group or page, your Twitter feed, your videos, audio recordings & articles. All of your information is easily accessed from your app rather than expecting customers to navigate all over the web to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, your website, etc. And they can do so from anywhere, not just in front of their computer where they really would prefer not to spend their time (how about you?).
vectorstock_15532079. Innovation Don’t value innovation just for innovation’s sake; but if it advances our profession and helps us reach and help more people, it’s extremely valuable. Since an app is basically a software program, the potential exists for us to create applications that truly make a difference and help our target audience beyond print and websites. Apps bring value to your business, giving clients relevant information, offers, coupons, the ability to order goods and/or food, to make mobile reservations and more…
vectorstock_107695410. Evolution We know that things change and evolve and old technology is replaced with new (remember: transistor radios, “Walkman”, flip phones and CD players, the “Phone Book” & the “Yellow Pages”?). Mobile devices and apps are widely used and desired and are clearly a game changer for business marketing and professionals. Keep up with your target audience. Go where they are! Respond to what they want and need and you stay in business and ahead of the curve. When you expect them to find you and do things your way, (the old way) you might become obsolete. A persons smartphone is within reach 24/7 – the smartphone is becoming the gateway to the Internet! Get your app in your customers phone today!


Smartphones, tablets, and e-readers are the 3 top selling electronic devices, far more than computers, game consoles or TVs. Over 900 million smartphones were sold from 2011 to today! Prices of smart phones are even with regular cell phones, and being WI-FI enabled, they don’t even need a separate data plan, so web enabled mobile devices are reachable for anyone at almost any income level.

The mobile world is here now, and the sooner you get into the game the better. The more ways you have to leverage mobile & digital marketing the more successful your business will be. The window is open -market your business in your customers smartphone!