30 Affordable Ways to Market your Business and your APP

Cash flow is tight and you are looking for ways to market here are a few suggestions.

  1. Content – Articles – you can use services like writers access or others and create blog articles and posts for your social media pages, or you might be creative and write yourself.
  2. Infographics from articles on the Internet
  3. Recycle your own content or post interesting articles
  4. Social Networking, Facebook, Instagram, Twiiter, Google + and more!
  5. Sharing your Facebook posts with groups.
  6. Posting on Social media about holidays and different events.
  7. Business Networking – going to events, posting on Linkedin.
  8. Linkedin Groups and Forums
  9. Use x to post blogs
  10. Video Marketing – put videos up on youtube, vimeo or vine.
  11. Podcasting
  12. Email Marketing – use Mail Chimp or Constant Contact
  13. Email out a newsletter – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
  14. Start a referral program
  15. Loyalty program
  16. Contests – have a contest in your app using a form or photo submit
  17. Partnerships
  18. Apply for awards
  19. Get involved in your local Chamber of Commerce
  20. Get involved with a local Charity
  21. Host a Charity Event at your business
  22. Creative Business cards – are always eye catching
  23. Put up a banner – advertising your app inside or outside your business
  24. Free stuff – people always like getting free stuff
  25. Have an event at your business for Business Networking, Social or a Charity
  26. Get involved with a Leads Group like BNI.
  27. Sponsor an organization or a school or activity – like a local sports team.
  28. Send out a push notification with a great offer and have it expire soon to create a sense of urgency with your customers!
  29. Have a special that is connected to a holiday – there is something to celebrate every day!
  30. Call NPSAPPS – we are always coming up with great ideas – also check out our blog!

Take a look at your budget and see what you can do with some of the ideas!

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