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A good app is hard to find

iphone-410311_1280Consumers are picky and rightfully so.

They’ve earned the right to choose form and function in products that they support. Any app that doesn’t deliver both has a chance of turning consumers away entirely – from the app as well as the business. When interacting with your business via their mobile devices (primarily smartphones and tablets) customers need something that is easy to use and that get to what they need quickly.

Looks also factor into what customers like, what they keep installed on their devices, and of course, what they engage with as users. 

When a business doesn’t have an app, it can cause customers to use the competition, but here’s another thing: if a business does have an app but it isn’t a well-designed app, users might feel as if that reflects poorly on the business itself.

This is understandable because image is everything.

With design driving every aspect of the things that people do and what they love, anything that is poorly designed is cause for consumers to dislike it. The app should be simple and easy to use. Due to the nature of sales and shopping, consumers are very quick to shut down usage of apps that don’t meet their discerning tastes. Here’s the thing about a good app — it’s both easy on the eyes and on the mind.

A business’s app has to both be attractive and functional and the app developer can’t choose form over function — or vice versa — without losing some of their users. If an app is cute or aesthetically pleasing but the function is lacking, users will think that the company behind the app is a shallow one. If they go for function and forgo design, well — no one likes an ugly app.

If you’re considering getting an app for your business consider getting one that looks lovely but is more than capable of meeting your customers and clients’ needs.  It has to be an app with a good value proposition, delivering good info and value to users.

Let’s get your business an app in Android’s Google Play and iTunes AppStore today and make mobile commerce a major part of your business!

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