Track and measure your marketing progress and learn how your customers interact with your app and business through your analytics reports. Analytics reports can help you understand what your customer base wants and what they are getting out of using your app. These reports are useful because they allow our clients to customize their apps even further while keeping their customer base in mind.

analytics Analytics2

Understand your customers:

  • Stay apprised of how times your app has been downloaded in the Apple iTunes store and the Android Play Store
  • Learn what times of the day your app is used the most often
  • See what days your app gains the most visitors
  • Find out which mobile platform is the most popular
  • See which tabs and draw the most interest from your users

Also Track:

  • All reservations & orders that were placed
  • Money spent on food & product orders to help with inventory
  • M-Commerce results
  • Increases and decreases in app use around sale days or major events for your businessHow many new and repeat customers that your app has


In a world where eight-six percent of the time that consumers spend on mobile devices is spent using online applications, business owners need to know what their share of the app market is. They need to know exactly what their customers are doing on their app and what parts of their apps get the most usage. Business owners with apps need to know exactly what they’re doing right and wrong and the extensive analytics reports offer that knowledge.

With NPSAPPS, clients can get up to date information on user demographics. Instead of having to guess about what their customers like about their app and what interests them the most, NPSAPPS will give clients access to a detailed analytics page that shows the frequency of customer usage and what parts of the apps are the most appealing.