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App Tools 102: How Push Notifications Can Help Your Business!


By Deanna Albert
Creative Editor

So, class, what are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages that will show up on the phone of the person with your app downloaded, without being as invasive as a text message or email, and without needing to actually open the app. They can take different forms, such as a banner or alert, and can be accompanied by a notification sound.
Push notifications should be used only in relation to the content, features, and functionality of your app, meaning that the information that gets sent in a push notification should be relevant to your business and the application you’re running for it, and should not deal with anything else. Push notifications are something that can be opted in and out of. And the only thing that the user controls once they’ve opted in to the notifications is the sound or form that it takes on the screen.
How will Push Notifications benefit your customers?
  • 70% of consumers found all types of push notifications – including order updates and location-based messages – to be valuable. (Source: Responsys)
  • They provide access to exclusive content and special pricing.
  • Push notifications keep users informed of sales and events.

 How will Push Notifications benefit you?

  • Push notifications are preferred to emails or text messages.
  • They keep customers connected to and informed about your business.
  • Push notifications bring customers to your business and drive traffic to your website.
  • You can use push notifications to tell customers about events, such as grand openings, special offers, sales, contests, and more!

In conclusion…

Push notifications are a great tool to drive customers to your business. They bring your customers to you – both physically and on the internet – with messages about new locations, sales and special offers.

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