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Social Media Marketing

How do you put your social media to work for your mobile marketing campaigns?

Social media has become the backbone of marketing. You can’t expect your app to get off the ground without it. In 2015, there are at least 3.5 billion mobile phone users on the internet via their smartphones and tablets. These people live, […]

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Evolution and Mobile Applications

improving brand opinion Click through to see this Statista stat in full-size

Evolution is a necessity in business.

These days, it’s hard to get anywhere with your business unless you make the effort to include mobile marketing options in your day-to-day business strategies. It absolutely must become a […]

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First Screen Revolution

first screen


(1) The first display screen ever viewed by the public. Depending on whether “screen” means electronic or not, the first screen was either a movie theater screen or a TV set.

(2) The computing device people use most of the time (where they go “first”). First screen is a marketing term that focuses on which […]

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Networking, Mobile Marketing, and You!

Networking is the backbone of business.

People network in order to make connections between one another. If you don’t network, how can you expect to grow as a person, as a business, or as an entrepreneur? Networking is one of the fundamentals of business because you absolutely need it in order to better yourself and get […]

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Save the date: Florida International Trade & Cultural Expo


On October 12-16, 2015 Greater Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida will welcome two hundred US companies and four hundred international companies for the Florida International Trade & Cultural Expo.

Why is FITCE different from all of the other business […]

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Holiday Marketing Ideas – July


Holidays are a great excuse for business owners to do something special for their customers and clients.

They are built in promotional and marketing goldmines, full of opportunities to bring customers in or […]

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