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Customer Dashboard

Manage Your App with Skipper

Download Skipper to help manage your APP. You can use it to manage your app settings, push notifications, and your promos/coupons. Also, you can view your activity stream, your user base, and your analytics. 

Our Content Management System along with our Design Team enables us to customize, design and program functionality into your APP. NPSAPPS designed our product with the small to mid-sized business in mind. And our Dashboard makes it easy for you to manage content, loyalty, push notifications and geo- fencing & you can even manage your app from your iPhone.


Manage Your App on Your Desktop


dashboard 2

Even with an extensive tab system such as the one seen above, our Dashboard offers clients hands on modification and allows for user customization from the biggest changes down to the smallest. You, the client, have the ability to update every single aspect of changes to your app’s content.

dashboard 1

Client modification isn’t limited to content alone. With the Dashboard, NPSAPPS clients can change the look of their app in subtle and unsubtle ways right up to changing the background images to represent changes to their business.