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Evolution and Mobile Applications

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Evolution is a necessity in business.

These days, it’s hard to get anywhere with your business unless you make the effort to include mobile marketing options in your day-to-day business strategies. It absolutely must become a part of every business’s core. Right now it’s definitely hard to get your business reaching everyone that it possibly can on web marketing alone.

Emails and websites are useful, but businesses want more of an immediate connection to their customers and clients. Studies show that the businesses that use email advertising don’t always get the response that they want. After all, users have to open the email to use what’s in it, and in this on-the-go world, email can be just a little bit too slow. And for those businesses that still tend to use print advertisements, that form of advertising does have a narrow reach and a high cost range.

Obviously, my money is on mobile marketing.

Can you succeed without having one foot in the door when it comes to mobile marketing?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that way. Of course, no one is being forced to do anything but in an age where more people have cellphones than have televisions or computers, it’s very clear what has become the greatest and fastest way to get to consumers.

Previously, we have written about how the smartphone has replaced computers (even portable computers) as the new “First Screen”. This phenomena of first and second screens focuses on how these screens are the first thing that consumers go to. They pick up their phones before they turn on their computer. They look things up on their web browsers and download apps because in this mostly mobile age, the phone is the most accessible and most widely accessed form of communication.

So what does that mean for your business and adaptation?

Mobile applications are what we focus on in our office because they are one of the most widely customization methods for businesses to tackle mobile marketing. Instead of trying to draw customers in and bridge the engagement app between your business and your customers via social media, consider getting a mobile application. Email lists are unreliable. Text and SMS messages or advertising services tend to be ignored as spam. In this age of phones in every pocket, the mobile device is the next big thing. It has outstripped the computer as the most used device in the home. Consumers these days can do anything on their cell phones —

Connecting to your business without booting up their computer has to be one of them.


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