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Features make the app design world go round.

Here at NPSAPPS, we offer a highly customizable experience that makes your app into something that makes your business shine.  Our apps are native and they work with the popular phone’s functionality – both with iOS and Android.


Allow restaurants to list their menus in PDF format on the App.

3_car finder

Car Finder

Allow users to track their car’s GPS location and parking meter with this handy tool

2_call us

Phone Directory

Customers can call your business with one touch.

Trade Shows Directory

List all your exhibitors, sponsors and more with links to their websites or other contact information.


Food Ordering

Customers can order food for pickup or delivery directly from the app. How simple is that!

30_ tell a friend


Users can send a virtual vCard telling their friends to download your app.



Allow your customers to book lunch or dinner reservations seamlessly through your app.



Stream your podcasts inside the app for your listeners to enjoy anytime, anywhere.


Real Estate

List your entire property inventory in your app! Display price, description, photos & location.

Real Estate IDX

Links directly to your IDX feed.

Message Center

Is a store house for Push Notifications. Allows Users to refer back to previous Push Notifications they may have missed at receiving time.

Social Media

Engaging your users by allowing them to look at your Social media accounts thru your app.

19_news feed

News Feed Stream

Stream news instantly at the bottom of your app from Google News, Twitter and Facebook.

18_music player

Music Player

Your customers and fans can listen to & purchase music from within your app.


GPS Coupon

Give customers discounts and rewards for “checking-in” to your business during each of their visits.


Loyalty Punch Card

Reward loyal customers for making frequent visits or purchases.

Horse Shoe Loyalty Rewards

Reward loyal customers for making frequent visits or purchases.

23_qr coupon

QR Coupon

Your customers can redeem discounts at your business by scanning a QR code.

5_email form

Custom Forms

Create a custom email form for donations, appointments and everything else.



Integrate your customized YouTube channel directly into the app.

Events Calendar

List your business’s events with interactivity into your app.

1_points of interest

Map Feature

Display an interactive map for your customer to engage with.

6_email photo

Email Photo

Allow customers to take a photo or send an existing photo and email it directly to your business.

11_image gallery

Image Gallery

Displays images of your business’s location, events, staff or anything else beautiful. You can create a custom gallery or integrate with Flicker, Picasa or Instagram to pull in existing galleries.

8_fan wall

Fan Wall

Allow customers and fans to chat about their experiences on your very own Fan Wall.

13_mailing list

Mailing List

Stay in contact with your customers by gathering their names and email addresses.


Shopping Cart

Easily sell retail items, event tickets and memberships through your mobile app.

17_morgage calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Real estate agents can add a mortgage calculator to the app with a preset interest rate.



Allows users to write notes and email them to anyone at anytime.


PDF Viewer

Display PDF flyers, newsletters, menus and other documents in your app.

24_qr scanner

QR Scanner

Include this handy QR scanner into your app so users can scan any QR code you create.


Blog Feed

Integrate your blog posts into your mobile app for customers to easily view and follow.

Golf Course

You can build out a gold course range and allow users to score their game right on the app.

29_sports stats

Sports Stats

Customers can keep track of their golf scores or pool game right from their phone.

31_tip calculator

Tip Calculator

Add a Tip Calculator to your app so customers can quickly split a bill among friends.

32-voice recording

Voice Recording

Give users the option to record lectures, voice notes or anything else, and email them.


Gives users a sneak peek into your apps features before app launches for the first time.



Link any website of your choosing to your mobile app.