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Here is Why Restaurants Need to Have an App

Your diners have many choices – but you can help them make the decision to dine with you, get take out, get a delivery, find out about your specials, entertainment or make a reservation.

  • Send out Push Notifications – with coupons and offers, reminders about holidays and more!
  • Use geo-fencing to remind people about happy hours and more!
  • Apps will help increase sales, awareness and your bottom line.


What should be in your restaurant app?

  • Location with directions
  • Contact forms – for catering, reservations, comments and more
  • Menus
  • Take out ordering/On-line Ordering
  • Reservations – open table, yelp, and more!
  • Links to your social media
  • Link to Yelp
  • Photo submit – get diners to send in pics you can post on social media or have a contest
  • Photo Gallery – link to Instagram! Let your pictures go viral
  • Calendar of Events!
  • And more……

Many restaurant owners think an app will cost $10,000 – but that is not the case most restaurant apps can be put together for $2000 to $3000 – with all the features that you will need!

Call NPSAPPS for a consultation and start promoting your restaurant in the most popular device on the planet the Smart Phone!

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