Holiday Marketing Ideas – July


Holidays are a great excuse for business owners to do something special for their customers and clients.

They are built in promotional and marketing goldmines, full of opportunities to bring customers in or get them thinking about your business. In fact, having a mobile application can make marketing even easier because you can use the app as incentive by offering many different ways for customers to interact with you.

These ways include rewarding customers for their loyalty, contests, and using push notifications to tell users where (and what) the action will be.

People tend to spend during holidays.  There’s something about getting time off from work or an excuse to dress up or talk like a pirate that makes consumers open their wallets. Here are some holidays (both official and unofficial) and some ways that businesses can use them to increase consumer interest.


head with question mark1. July 2nd/ I Forgot Day

“I Forgot” Day gives us a chance to make up for forgetting the big stuff like birthdays or anniversaries. It even gives us a chance to make up for the days that we didn’t expect to forget. This unofficially observed holiday is for fun right off the bat and you can do a great deal for it.

To put this holiday to work for you, send out a tweet or Facebook status asking customers/fans to share the biggest thing they’ve ever forgotten. The best response would win a shout-out on your app/social media and they could also win a prize.

2. July 4th/ Independence Day (US)

The Fourth of July is possibly the biggest holiday in July. People gravitate towards good feelings and fun during that time of the month and business owners can take advantage of the holiday to bring in repeat customers.

With your app, you can send out push notifications reminding customers to stop in while also wishing them a happy Independence Day!

3. July 10/ Piña Colada Day

female-731895_1280Nightclubs out there, you don’t need an excuse to sell Piña Coladas, but here’s one anyway. Piña Colada Day was created to celebrate one of the most famous things to come out of the Caribbean and is a bright and absolutely unofficial holiday that is worth celebrating with your customers.

In the days leading up to Piña Colada day, how about sending out push notifications reminding customers that on July 10th, if they come in with the app installed on their phones and order a piña colada, that they’ll get double punches on their in-app loyalty card.

4.  July 21st/Junk Food Day

Junk Food Day is all about satisfying your cravings for something sweeter, greasier, and definitely more fattening than the nutritional but not-very-exciting meal you probably should be eating.

This day can work for venues that sell fast food options as well as those that sell the healthierhamburgers-576307_1280 options. For junk food options, consider hosting a fast food eating competition! For healthier options or restaurants that don’t serve junk food but want to get in on the fun, consider offering customers a QR code that would serve as a coupon when they come in.

5. July 25th/Parents’ Day

Does your business cater to many families? Do you have a business where parents come in with or without their precious offspring? Parents’ day could be a very lucrative day for you. After all, the most important people in many people’s lives tend to be their parents. Parents’ Day is a chance to say ‘thank you’ to parents for making sure you can handle the world after high school.

Treat it like an official holiday if you want, using your app’s push notification and social media links to announce how you’re going to make parents’ day one for the books.

Own a restaurant? Send out a QR code for mobile app users to use when they bring in their parents for a meal that day. The QR code could guarantee that they would get a certain percentage taken off of their bill.

6. July 29th/International Tiger Day

tiger-695333_1280With how much people love the second-largest cat in the big-cat family, it’s no surprise that the tiger has a day that is dedicated to it.

Started in 2010 due to an international summit that had been called together in response to the horrifying news that 97% of all wild tigers had but disappeared in the last century, this holiday serves as a way to raise awareness for tigers along with funds to support protecting them from poaching/hunting, and saving them from their frighteningly rapid trip to extinction.

While not an official holiday, International Tiger Day Is for a truly good cause. This could be used as a way to show charitable your business is and how much you and your business care about the shifting environment around us. Send out a push notification letting customers know that a portion of the day’s profits are going to Save Tigers Now and update your social media feeds with donation links and graphics all day long.

7. Month of July/Independent Retailer Month

If celebrating one or two holidays isn’t enough for you savvy business owners out there, consider going with a month-long theme. July has about five themes that encompass the entire month and one of them might well be perfect as a promotional opportunity. One amazing month-long theme is the one that rebrands July as “Independent Retailer Month”.

Originating in 2003, “Independent Retailer Month” grew from a weeklong celebration to a month-long event that is still growing. There aren’t many restrictions on business owners who are free to choose their own events. The only thing that they have to do is host some activities and events that last more than one day.

How can you celebrate “Independent Retailer Month”?counter-757638_1280

Why not do something to reward customers in your area? GPS coupons and walk-in coupons are a great way to build up repeat customers and when combined with something like a scavenger hunt spread out among multiple independent retailers in a specific area, it could be a wonderful method of getting customers to interact with you and your business.

8. Month of July/Christmas in July

Sandman Resists Melting ProcessWith early mentions going as far back as 1892, Christmas in July is one of those unofficial holidays that might as well be official.  This holiday serves as a way to move up some of the excitement of Christmas to the summer which, aside from a handful of holidays, generally is a blank stretch of holiday-free weeks that feel as if they go on forever.

So how can you make the most out of Christmas in July?

Take a page from traditional holiday season marketing as well as the freedoms offered by mobile marketing.

Send out push notifications announcing an in-store Summertime Santa Claus photo opportunity.

Use social media to host a contest for the best Sand-Man.

Get your app users and customers thinking about your business with engaging marketing and Christmas in July is such a versatile opportunity for promotions and marketing that can bring the fun to your marketing drive. Used wisely, it can actually bring in more users interested in your product while building up your momentum.

How else can you participate in holidays while getting the most out of your mobile application?

Offer multi-day contests linked to holidays celebrated in your area.

Use social media to bring in customers for events. You could even use your app’s email photo feature in concert with the image gallery feature in order to host a contest on Instagram that would rely on user input.

The goal for these special days is user engagement and user entertainment. Holidays – official and unofficial – are a great way to increase the amount of digital and physical traffic to your business.

Figuring out how to make these holidays work for your business and how you can incorporate mobile marketing and your mobile app into the process can be challenging, but if you build off of the solutions offered in this article, you’ll be well on your way to establishing yourself and your business as innovative and interesting!

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