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How It Works

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Sign up and we begin the process of creating your app, getting it ready to work on APPLE devices, Android phones & tablets and other smart devices that have the ability to download apps or view HTML 5 Sites.


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Customer Dashboard

Manage Your App with Skipper


Download Skipper to help manage your APP. You can use it to manage your app settings, push notifications, and your promos/coupons. Also, you can view your activity stream, your user base, and your analytics. 

Our Content Management System along with our Design Team enables us to customize, design and program functionality into your APP. NPSAPPS designed our product with the small to mid-sized business in mind. And our Dashboard makes it easy for you to manage content, loyalty, push notifications and geo- fencing & you can even manage your app from your iPhone

Manage Your App on Your Desktop

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Secure Hosting


Our servers are hosted in the cloud & are redundant, using the latest technology to keep your app running constantly. Our data centers use the latest in data encrpytion technology and data backups are performed daily, weekly, and monthly to ensure your data is never lost while using NPSAPPS.


Our design team works with you to make your app look great with eye popping graphics, backgrounds, cool buttons and more. We work with you on creating a great icon that your customers will see on their phones too!

Marketing Your App: Print, Digital, and Video


Business cards, postcards, check presenter, table tents, signs, window cling, banner stands and more that say “Download our app!”. QR codes can be put on receipts, business cards, advertising, and marketing materials. We can provide you with print ready art or provide the printing at wholesale rates, as well. We give you the tools you need to market your APP.


Digital images and code can be posted on your website and social media pages. This is included with your APP. 


Get a short video of your APP to post on your website landing page, social media and YouTube channel. Video marketing can drive downloads and is the fast growing form of marketing.

NPSAPPS Team works with you and your team throughout the process from design submission to the apps stores, approval, training and marketing, and we are here afterwards to provide you with great customer service.