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How NPSAPPS Makes Winning Pizza Apps

There are a few things to consider when you want to build an app for your restaurant or franchise. You may have asked yourself questions such as, “What will my app be providing my customers?”, “Why will my customers be using this app?”, and “How can my app grow my business?” Of course there are other questions to consider, but these are really good basic questions to begin with. Recently, wrote a blog post that went into who was winning and who was losing the app war that is taking place between major   brands. They write that big winners are pizza apps with Domino’s app being the real dough winner – simply because you can find a location, order a pizza and view menus via the app.

The above example illustrates the point and answers the question, “What features do consumers want most from Pizza apps.” Customers want to see app features such as…

  • Discounts & Coupons
  • Ordering Food – Delivery – Pick Up
  • Find Locations
  • Reservations
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Mobile Payment

So this also answers, “Why will my customers be using this app?”

NPSAPPS has created apps featuring all of these highly valued features and more! Fine examples include Shula Burgers and Rib City.

“First and foremost, the brands that don’t have any apps simply need to get in the game – and soon,” Ben Gray, a digital experience analyst at Applause, told me. “Consumers want to interact with restaurants via apps to find the nearest location and order food ahead. Many go elsewhere when they can’t, out of convenience and efficiency.” – “In the battle of the restaurant apps almost everyone is losing, even McDonalds”

Consumers are looking for a reason to engage with your brand no matter how large or small – one location or many locations – NPSAPPS makes getting an app affordable and feature rich with the types of functions that consumers are looking for.

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