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How Push Notifications Can Help Your Business

Annoying notification concept.

Using push notifications in an effective way can be tricky. There’s a balance that you and your app has to walk, one where you balance between trying to get customers to open your app and trying not to scare them away entirely. Push notifications allow your app to let your user know about new messages, events, or savings even if they’re currently not using your app. Too many of these messages can leave users feeling haunted or even chased by your apps but too few can mean that users never really have the incentive to tap your app’s icon ever again.

So how can you make push notifications work for your app and your business?

Here are four ways to turn push notifications into a method of keeping user attention and getting attention on your app that might turn into increased revenue and attention.

1. Announcing flash sales or “one time only” deals

According to Fast Company, 25% of smartphone owners aged 18-44 can’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t next to them. Using a push notification to take advantage of our culture’s dependency on mobile technology means that you can get your sale and deal information directly to the people that would take part in it.

Not only should you send out push notifications for flash sales and deals, but you should also make sure to let users know exactly what is on sale.  Don’t just send out a push notification that says there is a sale going on. There’s always a sale going on somewhere. The job of your push notification is to make users look at your sale as the one they want to participate in.

If users can’t tell what’s on sale, they’re not going to buy it.

However, if you use push notifications in a way that lets users know that there is a sale and what the sale is, then they’re more likely to click through to the app when they see your push notification on their phone.

zappos mockupcomixology mockupWhen setting up a push notification for flash sales:


  • Let users know what is on sale.
  • Give a price or percentage for the discount if possible.
  • Give users a time limit for the deadline so thatthey know how much time they have.
  • Use a call to action that’ll get users clicking.


  • Hide what’s on sale. If boots are on sale at your shoe store, tell the user that.
  • Forget to put the price of items or discount percentage in the push notification.
  • Leave the end of the sale up in the air.
  • Use something like “quantities limited” to drum up interest.

2. Use geo-fencing to bring customers into your business

GEOTARGETING_zinaGeo-fencing is an app’s best friend.

The way that geo-fencing works is simple: when a consumer with the app downloaded moves into a certain space around the store or business whose app they have downloaded, they automatically get a push notification with store information or special deals for that day.

In terms of small but popular businesses or apps that can let users mark their local store on the app, you can’t go wrong with an automatic way to send notifications to customers that are in the same area as your location.

This is an amazing resource to use because it allows you to take advantage of impulse shopping and the drive to purchase things on a whim. Push notifications that use geo-fencing to get in contact with users will have a high chance of people walking in to check out the in-store deals and actually leaving with something because really, who can resist a good deal?


  • Use a relatively wide window for your virtual perimeter.
  • Make it worth users’ time to click through to your app.
  • Offer something that users will want to come in to your store to get.


  • Make your virtual perimeter super wide.
  • Forget to say what the deal is in your notification.
  • Offer something that users already have, don’t want, or feel would be a waste of time.

3.  Sharing when celebrities or special events will be occurring at your business.

Icavs-iphone-app-01f you have a restaurant that frequently has various cover bands coming in to play on the weekends and you also have an app, using push notifications can bring in more people to sit and listen to the music.

Own a sports bar?

Send out a push notification before and on the day of a big game so that users know that your place is the place to be when it comes to watching a championship game.

If you own a bookstore, push notifications can be used to announce author signings and giveaways.

As a business owner, it’s your job to let people know what new and interesting things are occurring at your place of business and push notifications are the best way to do that. Used appropriately and sparingly (no more than three push notifications for an event in a week), these push notifications can drive up interest in your business and keep users up to date with what you have going on.


  • Post push notifications for events that your business is hosting
  • Send out multiple push notifications as the event comes closer


  • Send out push notifications for other people’s events
  • Spam your users with push notification in the days leading up to an event.

4. Alert users to updates to the app or business

push notif happy hourIt’s only right to keep users up to date on updates to your app or changes to the business itself.

Are you closing the business you own for a night because of a holiday? In tandem with social media, put out a push notification to reach users in real time and let them know what’s going on.

Is your app going to have new features or include new social media links?

Use a push notification to make sure that users know about it.

No one likes surprises and you can avoid that hassle by letting users of your app and establishment know that changes are incoming with push notifications that get straight to the point.


  • Send push notifications out early in the workday for the maximum user reach.
  • Make sure that your push notifications are short and to the point.


  • Send out push notifications early in the morning or very late at night.
  • Put too much text in your push notifications.
  • Wait until the last minute to send out push notifications.

Think of push notifications as text messages that you send to your users that can also get you more people interested in not only keeping your app, but keeping you as a business they enjoy supporting.

Personalize them.

Find that balance that keeps them interesting but not ad-heavy.

Above all, remember that your push notifications can be the things that cause users to interact with your business and app more often so plan accordingly.

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