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How to Reel the Big Fish into Your Business

Increasing Customer Engagement

There are several big questions when it comes to app development and what business owners should consider when adding mobile marketing to your business’s repertoire. The biggest of those big questions revolves around user engagement.

How do you increase customer engagement?

How do you get people to want to use your app?

The whole point of having a mobile application as part of your business’s marketing strategies is to get users actively working with your app. You want them using the app on a regular basis, taking advantage of coupons, deals, and app-centered events or promotions. If they’re doing that, your app is getting them to engage and making them want to interact with your business through your app.

If you’re dissatisfied with user participation and engagement though, here are five ways that app developers and business owners can increase customer engagement and get more users actively using their mobile applications:

  1. Keep it super simple!

512x512_(2)Simplicity is key in app development.

You need to have an app that looks good, feels good, and gets customers what they need from your business in the minimum amount of time. Cutting the clutter from your app is a key way to make sure that customers continue to use it. Beware of inflating your app with lots of pictures, text, and unnecessary features. You might think that there’s no such thing as “too much of a good thing” but the reality is that if your app is cluttered and confusing, you will turn away users.

One major detail that business owners tend to forget is that the customer knows what they want when it comes to apps. Due to how most people spend a long time on their phones and go through a wide range of apps in different fields, they’re well versed in what does or does not work for them. That’s part of the reason why so many apps don’t get very far off the ground.

App users and customers want a well-designed mobile application that meets their needs.

  1. Offer contests/competitions via your app

Everyone loves to win.

Contests and competitions are an amazing way to get customers using your app and sharing it with their friends and family members. Why? Because these opportunities offer them the chance to be right about something, to win something, or to be recognized as the top dog.

As a business owner, offering contests and competitions via your app does a great deal to improve the interactions that your business and your app get from customers.  There are different types of contests that you can offer as a business owner, changing it up sothat there are other options for consumers who prefer different types of interaction with the businesses that they enjoy supporting.

One type of contest that you can offer via your app is a selfie or image submission contest. Post a prompt on Facebook or another social media site with a caveat:

Summer’s almost over! Send us a photo of your favorite summer activity with the

[Business Name] App centered firmly in the picture and you could win big!

Customers will have to send the photo in directly from the app.

You can also host business-related surveys in your app and incite your users to participate by voting on choices.

Another type of contest that you can offer via your app would involve the Fan Wall feature. Have customers respond to a question or submit facts related to a question that you pose on social media and then choose the best response for a previously decided prize.

Get creative. Get thinking.

Get users invested in your app with a quiz, survey, or contest today!

  1. Push Notifications

Tbarsmallhe best way to get customers to engage with your app is to communicate with them.

How can you do that through your app?

Push notifications!

Here on the NPSAPPS blog, we’ve spoken in depth about the importance of push notifications. They might actually be our favorite feature when it comes to app development because of how versatile they are. With push notifications, you can send a message directly to all of your app’s users or to specific groups of users.

The sky is literally the limit.

Want to let local users know about a flash sale at your store? Send out a push notification to users in a specific radius around your restaurant.

What about users who might not be aware of a construction or remodeling closure for your restaurant? You can send out a push notification for that as well. You name it and you can send out a push notification for it.

While finding a balance between communication and smothering your users can be difficult, the benefits are limitless when it comes to increasing user engagement.

  1. Coupons

Seriously, who doesn’t like coupons?

Offering coupons that are only accessible to people who have your business’s app installed on their mobile devices and tablets is a brilliant idea.

Exclusivity drives up consumer desire.

The announcement of app-only QR codes and coupons gets people excited. If customers are getting something that is exclusive to a business’s app, they’re going to feel as if they should keep the app installed on their device while interacting with the app will get them even more deals.

Use push notifications to alert app users to new sales and deals and your users and consumers will keep using your business’s app.

  1. Integrate social media (yours and theirs)social

Social media is everywhere.

You can’t go anywhere without seeing a call to use social media or for users to connect their social media accounts.  In 2015, there are 2 billion active social media accounts in the world’s 7.2 billion population. That’s close to a third of the Earth’s population.

sharesmallAs a business owner, having an app isn’t the only step that you can take into mobile marketing. Connecting mobile marketing with mobile social media means that users won’t hesitate to connect their apps with your app.

As business owners, you have to make the experience worthwhile. It’s not enough to occasionally tweet about your app. Highlight ‘Share” features on the app so that your app’s users can share your app’s images and events on social media.  Talk about your app on social media, engaging with followers and fans so that they in turn engage with your app.

And above all, never forget that the goal is long-lasting engagement between customers and your business’s app.



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