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Mobile Commerce Marches Forward

smartphone-570214_1280The birth of e-commerce (‘electric commerce’) can be traced as far back to the early 1970s with internet predecessor ARPANET being used to facilitate a less than savory sale between two college students. Fast forward almost 45 years and e-commerce has changed in startling and amazing ways. The definition and the reality both have expanded to fit a changing world where the evolution of technology forces everything around it to evolve as well.

The basic definition for e-commerce is pretty simple. E-commerce refers to any commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. These days, a basic criteria for something to be categorized as e-commerce is that some part of the transaction has to be conducted on the internet. That’s a wide umbrella that encompasses multiple subcategories from electronic funds transfers to binge shopping for deals on Amazon on Black Friday.

Mobile commerce is the next stage in the evolution of electronic commerce.

First coined in 1997, the term revolves around the type of commerce made possible due to the widespread nature and usage of mobile devices. Where e-commerce as a whole brought consumerism out of the store and directly into the home as consumers bought computers and early versions of the internet came into being, mobile commerce puts it directly into consumers’ pockets.

M-commerce is but one aspect of electronic commerce as a whole, one part of an ever-widening and ever-strengthening facet of the sort of commerce that spawns from evolutions in the way that humans deal with technology.

As phones evolved – as they became smaller, capable of more processes, and were present in every household – the way that we used them changed as well. In 2015, mobile has outstripped desktop usage in an ever widening gap. These days, you’re more likely to meet someone with more than one smartphone than you are to meet someone that has no phone of their own. That’s a major reason behind why mobile commerce is becoming a major force to be reckoned with and something that business owners need to take into consideration when planning the marketing for their businesses.

People are on their phones more because their phones do more. Right now, many people’s primary source for internet and communication with their peers is their phone. They have a connection to other people and to businesses through their phones. Smartphone technology has advanced to a point where someone in the United States can order a pizza in Australia from their phone. This is a huge step in terms of mobile commerce because it changes the game.

It changes the game for consumers and business owners. For consumers, the world of buying opens up and they can get nearly anything from their phones.

For business owners though, this means that they have to change the way that they interact with consumers as well as technology. These days, it isn’t enough to have a website. It isn’t even enough to have a website that is mobile optimized. Business owners need to cover all of their bases and seriously, having an app for your business is the best way to do so.

Mobile commerce might not be the new e-commerce the way that some speculation suggests, but it’s a facet that is moving into the forefront of commerce and marketing as a whole. If your business isn’t prepared for mobile commerce, you’re going to want to change that.

Let’s get your business an app in Android’s Google Play and iTunes AppStore today and make mobile commerce a major part of your business!

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