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Networking Is the Backbone of Business

People network in order to make connections between one another. If you don’t network, how can you expect to grow as a person, as a business, or as an entrepreneur? Networking is one of the fundamentals of business because you absolutely need it in order to better yourself and get more information on current trends in your area of interest. It helps people meet people that can help them, that can guide them towards strengthening their skills and evolving towards fulfilling their goals.

The thing about networking is that it’s very easy to lose track of what events are going on a when. Every day in South Florida alone, there are dozens of business and social networking events hosted by companies, chambers of commerce, and local businesses. How do you follow networking events when they’re happening all over the city you’re in and there’s no way to keep track of what event is going on for which industry?

Websites can help with organization, but what about when you’re trying to get networking set up with people on the go? Most websites aren’t mobile optimized and that does not bode well for the discerning user. No one looking for business networking will be willing to visit a site that is inefficient and is hard to use. The websites that aren’t terrible with mobile still don’t have an easy way to get content in the hands of users unless the users are always online.

That’s where apps come in. There are two main ways that apps can work for networking and two types of apps.

First we have the apps made directly for event coordinators, chambers of commerce, and event promoters. If you run a networking organization and facilitate meetings all over a specific area, an organization-specific app can bring repeat users in and help them keep track of what events are going on with your specific organization.

The second type of app is an event directory with many different networking events. One of our newest featured apps is one such app.

SFLCalendar  is a mobile application that revolves around connecting users with events that they would like to attend. One of the main uses of this app is the way that there’s a focus on business networking where the information about the events goes straight from the event coordinators to the app where people who might otherwise have no idea where to find information on networking events in their area.

Mobile applications can – and do – make networking easy.


Because they put control directly in the hands of users and the networking coordinators.

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