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Sports Bars and Mobile Marketing – Hockey Season

SPORTSBARIt’s easy to understand how so many people miss the connection, but if you own a sports bar, now is the perfect time to look into getting a mobile app for your establishment. October heralds the start of hockey season here in the North America and sports bars all across the country are getting ready for busy nights full of loud sports fans and games plastered on every screen.

A mobile app explicitly dedicated to your sports bar is a fantastic investment that can help bring in repeat customers and new visitors.

Here are three reasons why your sports bar could use a mobile app!

1.  You can reward customers for their loyalty

Happy customers are repeat customers!

The best way to keep your customers happy and coming back to your sports bar is to show them that you notice their recurring business. With a mobile app, you can offer multiple ways to show that you care about repeat

First, you can use QR code coupons for customers that download the app to show them how grateful you are for their patronage. This QR code could be used for free drinks, discounted appetizers, or more!

Next, our apps here at NPSAPPS have a loyalty feature we market as a virtual pushcard. With a set amount of visits, users can earn points on a virtual punchcard similar to the physical stamp or punch cards that many establishments offer today. Once these points reach a set number, your customers and app users can use the points for perks such as: choice or VIP seating for themselves and a guest (if available), half-price or free appetizers, or even entry into a raffle for sports memorabilia.

You can do so much in your mobile app to show that you appreciate the continued loyalty of your customers and fellow sports fans!

2.  Customers can use an event directory in order to stay on top of games and events

Got a big game coming up?

How about fantasy football tournaments or competitive eating games?

If you’re doing something special – anything at all – your app is the best place to share your events. Keep customers up to date with an event directory filled with your sports bar’s current events. From sports movie nights to a classics reel of old Superbowl games, your app’s event directory can be used to share upcoming events with users. Not only that, but the app can be used to keep track of how many people will be attending an event.

You can also use push notifications to remind app users of upcoming games, future events or theme nights, and of course, to keep them up to date on which team is winning on any given night.

3. Menu and online ordering directly from the app for those busy nights

Sports bars and hot wings just go together, don’t they?OnlineOrderingLogo

Make things a little easy for yourself and your sports bar’s patrons by introducing and using online ordering in your sports bar. Done directly from the app, patrons can order from their phones or use the menu feature in order to streamline the ordering process.

And streamlining is a good thing! You absolutely want users to come in, order, and keep on ordering because the process is so very easy. Getting an app with additional ordering functionality makes things oh so simple. It gives users the chance to order once they’re at their table and it allows your kitchen staff to work quickly through orders.

This hockey season, make sure to get an app for your sports bar so that you can always stay on top of the ball!

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