A good app is hard to find

iphone-410311_1280Consumers are picky and rightfully so.

They’ve earned the right to choose form and function in products that they support. Any app that doesn’t deliver both has a chance of turning consumers away entirely – from the app as well as the business. When interacting with your business via their mobile devices (primarily smartphones and tablets) customers need something that is easy to use and that get to what they need quickly.

Looks also factor into what customers like, what they keep installed on their devices, and of course, what they engage with as users.  […]

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New feature: Integrate Groupon with Your App

If your business has an app, you can integrate it to Groupon for advanced marketing purposes. Watch your business grow when Groupon links you to other local retailers of similar interests. For example, if you are a restaurant owner with an app, Groupon will put together a package deal with a local movie theater and […]

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Benefits of using In-App Advertising with Admob

With an app designed specifically for your business from NPSAPPS, you can advertise with Admob by Google and really watch your passion come to life!

Admob takes the guesswork out of having and application. You no longer will ask if your app is reaching customers or how many people are using your application. Instead, you can […]

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What Is a Push Notification and How Can It Benefit My Business?

pushPush notifications are messages that will show up on the phone of the person with your app downloaded, without being as invasive as a text message or email, and without needing to actually open the app. They can take different forms, such as a banner or alert, and can be accompanied by a notification sound. […]

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How to Pick Your App Feature?

Every company has different needs, and when planning your app, one has to decide what feature has the most value for their business. Today, everything including commerce, trading and payment is handled on mobile. That being the case, mobile apps have proved to be the very future of computing. Developing a mobile app and promoting it among […]

Does my business really need an app ?

You’re at a point where you are considering getting an app for your business and you want to be sure its the right move for you and your customers. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have daily and weekly specials that changes constantly?
  • Do I hold events?
  • Do I offer reward points?
  • Do I need help with appointments and […]
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Mobile App Vs Mobile Site

Its a known fact that users are spending more time on their phones than ever, in fact, only 22 minutes per day are spent in the browser, with the balance of time focused on applications. Why the change? We must first look at the differences between mobile sites and mobile apps. A mobile site is just a smaller version of a website designed for handheld devices, but it has to have an internet connection. A mobile app is a downloadable content through the app stores and works by operating systems rather than device specifications.  […]

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App Tools 103: How GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons Can Help Your Business?


By Deanna Albert
Creative Editor

So, class, what are GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons?

GPS Check-In makes it possible for your customers to share their location on social media at times when they might want to let other people know where to get great food, products or service, such as when they’re visiting your establishment. Furthermore, when using this feature inside of your app, we’ve made it possible to give rewards for ‘checking in’ a certain number of times. A reward of your choice can be put in that will be activated once the user has ‘checked in’ to your GPS coordinates a certain number of times.QR Coupons are another way to offer a reward for being your customer. A QR code, as discussed in one of our other classes, is similar to a bar code that can be scanned by phone cameras and can link to a website or other information. You can print a QR code on anything that your market base will see; they can scan it with their phones to get a coupon.

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Increase Traffic by Using a Mobile App

Restaurants can improve traffic by using a mobile app. Our app features make it simple to make an online reservation or provide a mobile take out option. Through push notifications restaurants can let customers know when there is a special or any upcoming events. Geo-fencing notifications target customers that are nearby […]

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Introducing Our Newest App

Roc Resto mobile app display

Check out our newest app Roc Resto-Lounge and Fashion located at Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs.

Roc Rest-Lounge & Fashion is the new entertainment destination that adapts to you: Restaurant, Lounge, Fashion, Cafe and Music all under […]

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