How to Pick Your App Feature?

Every company has different needs, and when planning your app, one has to decide what feature has the most value for their business. Today, everything including commerce, trading and payment is handled on mobile. That being the case, mobile apps have proved to be the very future of computing. Developing a mobile app and promoting it among […]

Mobile Friendly is the Key to Success

When designing a site you need to consider the end user and which device they spend most of their time on. The average person spends 162 minutes per day on their phone. In 2012, people spent $25 billion on purchases made from phones and that number increase every year as more people spend time on their phones. […]

What Makes Apple Pay Different From Google Wallet?

Why Apple Pay?

The main reason a consumer would want to use Apple Pay is because of its security features. Apple Pay uses near-field (NFC) communications which passes encrypted data back and forth, and uses a one-time token for transactions. The company never gets to see or store your credit card information. […]

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Increase Traffic by Using a Mobile App

Restaurants can improve traffic by using a mobile app. Our app features make it simple to make an online reservation or provide a mobile take out option. Through push notifications restaurants can let customers know when there is a special or any upcoming events. Geo-fencing notifications target customers that are nearby […]

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