Social Media Marketing

How do you put your social media to work for your mobile marketing campaigns?

Social media has become the backbone of marketing. You can’t expect your app to get off the ground without it. In 2015, there are at least 3.5 billion mobile phone users on the internet via their smartphones and tablets. These people live, eat, and breathe their phones at a rate that no one before has ever done. […]

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Meet the NPSAPPS Staff!


Here at NPSAPPS, we pride ourselves on creativity and ingenuity.

Our staff is talented and dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals. Our writing team has experience with writing in creative writing, copywriting, and business development. Our design team is proficient at working with the Adobe MasterSuite CC set of programs. We specialize in creating, designing, and marketing apps for businesses that will help boost their visibility and branding. The customized app experience helps improve customer engagement with mobile marketing.

Most of all, every single member of our NPSAPPS staff is a creative and driven individual that comes to the table ready and willing to help you get the most out of your app. When you get a mobile app from NPSAPPS, you’re getting an app made by dedicated professionals working largely out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida who love the thrill of the creative process and will do what it takes to make your app shine!

So let’s look at our individual members of the NPSAPPS staff and what they bring to the table when it comes to effective mobile application design and development as well as mobile marketing.


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Why Should Your Chamber of Commerce Have an App?

There’s an app for that. When customers discover that a much used service offers an app to make their lives a little simpler they often install that app on their electronic devices, feeling satisfied that the business owner is taking steps to make things run smoothly. Once they have installed the app they will find […]

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A Poorly Designed App Is Worse than Having No App at All.

woman_reading_sms_186652Time is of the essence and your customers need something easy to use and get to what they need quickly. Not only is not having an app causing customers to use the competition, but also having a poorly designed app will drive customers away.

A mobile […]

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App Tools 103: How GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons Can Help Your Business?


By Deanna Albert
Creative Editor

So, class, what are GPS Check-Ins and QR Coupons?

GPS Check-In makes it possible for your customers to share their location on social media at times when they might want to let other people know where to get great food, products or service, such as when they’re visiting your establishment. Furthermore, when using this feature inside of your app, we’ve made it possible to give rewards for ‘checking in’ a certain number of times. A reward of your choice can be put in that will be activated once the user has ‘checked in’ to your GPS coordinates a certain number of times.QR Coupons are another way to offer a reward for being your customer. A QR code, as discussed in one of our other classes, is similar to a bar code that can be scanned by phone cameras and can link to a website or other information. You can print a QR code on anything that your market base will see; they can scan it with their phones to get a coupon.

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Increase Traffic by Using a Mobile App

Restaurants can improve traffic by using a mobile app. Our app features make it simple to make an online reservation or provide a mobile take out option. Through push notifications restaurants can let customers know when there is a special or any upcoming events. Geo-fencing notifications target customers that are nearby […]

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Introducing Our Newest App

Roc Resto mobile app display

Check out our newest app Roc Resto-Lounge and Fashion located at Coral Square Mall in Coral Springs.

Roc Rest-Lounge & Fashion is the new entertainment destination that adapts to you: Restaurant, Lounge, Fashion, Cafe and Music all under […]

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Accept Payments Anytime, Anyplace!!!!

So you have a great product and you have someone ready to buy, but the only problem is they only have a debit card or credit card. More than 70% of U.S. adults have smartphones, and more than one in five have already used a “mobile wallet” in the past 90 […]

Why Push Notifications Are the Newest Marketing Powertool!


By: Shovan Ambush
Content Editor

Think that push notifications only goes to phones, think again.  The bulk of push notifications today are delivered on mobile phones and tablets, they are quickly expanding to reach all kinds of new internet connected devices – such as desktops, e-readers, entertainment systems, and even cars. In fact, the world will have more connected devices than people – 75 billion devices connected to the “Internet of things” by 2020 (Michael Della Penna). […]

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App Tools 102: How Push Notifications Can Help Your Business!


By Deanna Albert
Creative Editor

So, class, what are Push Notifications?

Push notifications are messages that will show up on the phone of the person with your app downloaded, without being as invasive as a text […]

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