Are apps becoming the new websites?

Are mobile applications set up to replace websites as household names?

All signs point to yes.

More and more people are using mobile applications over mobile websites or desktops. Chances are high that not only are you one of them, but that you’re reading this on your phone or tablet right now.

Think about the apps that you […]

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How Many Apps Do Smartphones Owners Use?

Most apps are not even retained for a full day

There’s almost always an app for that, whether “that” is a taxi service, food delivery or a video game. But with so many popping up all the time, how often are any of them being used?



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A good app is hard to find

iphone-410311_1280Consumers are picky and rightfully so.

They’ve earned the right to choose form and function in products that they support. Any app that doesn’t deliver both has a chance of turning consumers away entirely – from the app as well as the business. When interacting with your business via their mobile devices (primarily smartphones and tablets) customers need something that is easy to use and that get to what they need quickly.

Looks also factor into what customers like, what they keep installed on their devices, and of course, what they engage with as users.  […]

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