Skipper App: Mobile Business Manager



Skipper is the perfect tool to manage your business’ application on the go. Once you launch Skipper simply log into your application’s account to view all your users’ activity. Send targeted push notifications to your users; see orders, reservations, and loyalty interactions […]

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How To Promote Your App

Marketing Your Mobile App

Getting an app for your business – especially from NPSAPPS – is easy. But now that you have it, the task of getting your app out there can be daunting. In this post we’re going to talk about the next steps that you need to take towards mobile marketing and what to […]

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Why does your restaurant need an app?


Mobile marketing is a must for all restaurants from the biggest chain restaurants to the smallest takeout shops.

Recent studies by SinglePlatform and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey show that restaurants are the most searched industry on mobile devices. Not only do many people search for information on their favorite or centrally located places to eat, but they make their decisions on where to eat based on what they find.

There are many reasons that a restaurant could need a mobile app. Here are fiveof the best reasons to consider getting a mobile application in order to benefit their restaurants.


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Mobile Commerce Marches Forward

smartphone-570214_1280The birth of e-commerce (‘electric commerce’) can be traced as far back to the early 1970s with internet predecessor ARPANET being used to facilitate a less than savory sale between two college students. Fast forward almost 45 years and e-commerce has changed in startling and amazing ways. The definition and the reality both have expanded to fit a changing world where the evolution of technology forces everything around it to evolve as well.

The basic definition for e-commerce is pretty simple. E-commerce refers to any commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. These days, a basic criteria for something to be categorized as e-commerce is that some part of the transaction has to be conducted on the internet. That’s a wide umbrella that encompasses multiple subcategories from electronic funds transfers to binge shopping for deals on Amazon on Black Friday.

Mobile commerce is the next stage in the evolution of electronic commerce. […]

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First Screen Revolution

first screen


(1) The first display screen ever viewed by the public. Depending on whether “screen” means electronic or not, the first screen was either a movie theater screen or a TV set.

(2) The computing device people use most of the time (where they go “first”). First screen is a marketing term that focuses on which devices get the most attention: smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

The first display screen was most likely a television set or the screen in a movie theater. With the invention of the projector in 1895 and the invention of the electric television in 1927, people started looking away from books and towards screens. While televisions and theater screens didn’t become household names immediately, the two became the initial first and second screens that people viewed. […]

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A good app is hard to find

iphone-410311_1280Consumers are picky and rightfully so.

They’ve earned the right to choose form and function in products that they support. Any app that doesn’t deliver both has a chance of turning consumers away entirely – from the app as well as the business. When interacting with your business via their mobile devices (primarily smartphones and tablets) customers need something that is easy to use and that get to what they need quickly.

Looks also factor into what customers like, what they keep installed on their devices, and of course, what they engage with as users.  […]

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Why Should Your Chamber of Commerce Have an App?

There’s an app for that. When customers discover that a much used service offers an app to make their lives a little simpler they often install that app on their electronic devices, feeling satisfied that the business owner is taking steps to make things run smoothly. Once they have installed the app they will find […]

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How Many times Do People Look at Their Phones?

The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day during a 16 hour period. Why not put your business where your customers are looking? NPSAPPS is a company that designs mobile apps and places them into the iTunes and Google Play store. Contact us today for a free […]

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Increase Traffic by Using a Mobile App

Restaurants can improve traffic by using a mobile app. Our app features make it simple to make an online reservation or provide a mobile take out option. Through push notifications restaurants can let customers know when there is a special or any upcoming events. Geo-fencing notifications target customers that are nearby […]

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When Should a business use a QR Code?

When should a business use a QR Code?

QR Codes are a great choice if you want customers to…

  • Learn something, such as product information or reviews
  • Receive something, like special offers or coupons
  • View videos about your business, products, or services
  • Do something, such as provide an email address or mobile number

What makes NPSAPPS’ QR code different is that […]

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