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What Is a Push Notification and How Can It Benefit My Business?

pushPush notifications are messages that will show up on the phone of the person with your app downloaded, without being as invasive as a text message or email, and without needing to actually open the app. They can take different forms, such as a banner or alert, and can be accompanied by a notification sound.


UnitedWayPush Mobile apps, unlike mobile websites, possess qualities that other communication channels simply don’t measure up to because of how they interact with functionality built into a devices hardware. The biggest benefit of mobile apps is the ability to deliver notifications that are instantly seen and – unlike other marketing messages – seen on the best digital real estate possible – the user interface of a consumer’s mobile phone. This is why most mobile push notifications are opened and read by 97% of app subscribers (Source: Healey)”.

How will Push Notifications benefit your customers?

  • 70% of consumers found all types of push notifications – including order updates and location-based messages – to be     valuable (Source: Responsys).
  •  90 % of consumers who have joined mobile loyalty programs feel they have gained value from them. (Source: Zoomerang).
  • 47 % of consumers want mobile offers on their devices when they pass by a store (Source:comScore and UPS).

How will Push Notifications benefit you?

  • Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers (Source: eMarketer).
  • 70 percent of mobile browser searches lead to action within an hour — 40 percent are on tablets and 60 percent on smartphones (Source: iAcquire).
  • An estimated 54 million consumers in the U.S. will use smartphone coupons in 2014. (Source:eMarketer).

Push notifications are a great tool to drive customers to your business. They bring your customers to you – both physically and on the internet – with messages about new locations, sales and special offers. Push notifications should be used only in relation to the content, features, and functionality of your app, meaning that the information that gets sent in a push notification should be relevant to your business and the application you’re running for it, and should not deal with anything else. Push notifications are something that can be opted in and out of. And the only thing that the user controls once they’ve opted in to the notifications is the sound or form that it takes on the screen.

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