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What Makes Apple Pay Different From Google Wallet?

Why Apple Pay?

The main reason a consumer would want to use Apple Pay is because of its security features. Apple Pay uses near-field (NFC) communications which passes encrypted data back and forth, and uses a one-time token for transactions. The company never gets to see or store your credit card information.

Apple Pay Vs. Google Wallet

Apple Pay is different from Google Wallet because Google Wallet uses a pin rather than your thumbprint so if someone stole your phone or hacked into your wallet they cant use the information without a thumbprint. Apple also has an increased security feature that doesn’t use your purchase history to target you for ads.

What Does Apple Pay Mean for Your Business?

A mobile app will give consumers the opportunity to place orders online, receive important communications, receive discounts, and more. Not only will you be able to accept apple pay at your location, you will be able to accept apple pay on your website, giving your customers a safer more enjoyable experience and by getting an app through us you can also provide a quick checkout experience. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation through our link or email us at


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