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Why Farmer’s Markets Need An App

Did you know that most farmers’ markets customers visit maybe 2-4 throughout the season? We have a solution to engage more customers and move more produce…Get a Mobile App!

  • Vendor Listing – You can list out the vendors and what products they bring to the market.
  • Move more produce – Rotting produce doesn’t do you or the customer any good, but that is what happens if it can’t be moved on market day. A push notification on your Mobile App will make it easy to let your customers know when the big day is and what produce you have to offer. It will give you a chance to gain their interest ahead of time and plan for the day in advance.
  • Increase Your Profit – Use geo-Targeting/Fencing to increase the foot traffic and sales that come to your farmers’ market just from getting the word out from your Mobile App. By using the Mobile app to communicate with customers on and before market day, you will increase the number of customers coming to purchase from you at the market.
  • The Slow Season – Notify your customers if you are open or not, what is in season and how much you have. This is just another way to increase customer engagement and increase profit; no more seasonal slumps.
  • Customer Loyalty – Build a market that is meant to last. Get customers to the market and create customer loyalty with them so they keep coming back week after week. You can add customer loyalty rewards, where they could earn free produce after a certain number of times. i.e. For each week they come to your market you can utilize NPSAPPS punch card system, after a certain number of visits you could offer a free selection of produce.
  • Mailing Lists – add loyal customers to keep them updated on daily or weekly basis.
  • Events– If you have special events that you want to list daily, weekly or monthly. It gives the customer a chance to plan ahead.
  • Location and hours of operation
  • Map
  • Parking
  • Photo Gallery and photo submit
  • List Special Deals
  • News
  • …And so much more!
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